Rider Comments

Here’s a sampling of comments from riders on previous years’ Tour de Lincoln.

My son and I had a great time at the Tour de Lincoln on Saturday! The event was extremely well organized. We did the 10 mile route, and added on the Twelve Bridges trail behind Twelve Bridges Elementary for extra fun. We especially enjoyed the Oreos and licorice at the rest stop, and the Italian ice at the finish BBQ. — Steve Palmer

Had a Great time! (But I think a lot of it was the company I kept!) Nice hills – a challenge, but not too grueling“ did the 40, but next year the metric century is the plan! (as I took a wrong turn and got a couple of extra hills in, figured I can handle the century!) Well planned, supported, marked route“ only wish the roads were all smooooooooth. — Kim Franz

That was kind of a tough ride on the back roads. The weather being hot, I went through my camel back 100-ounce easily. The markers were very well displayed. The sag wagon folks did a wonderful job with covering such a big area. Thank you alll veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much including the volunteers. You done good!

Thank you all for the fantastic ride and lunch. My 13-year-old son and I along with my brother-in-law completed the 100K ride and it was outstanding. Everyone connected with the ride and the local people made us all feel very welcome and were very helpful as well. — Joe Solano, Pacifica, CA

I just got home yesterday evening from participating in my first Tour de Lincoln, and I was very happy and proud to finish it. It was way more taxing than the other one I had done, the Cinderella ride, which was like a walk in the park compared to this one. More elevation and a couple of difficult climbs. But I am glad I signed up for it. I had to push myself and I felt a sense of achievement when I was eating my lunch at the finish line. — Isabelle Magnin